Gabriel Schmitz, born 1970 in Dortmund, Germany, is a figurative painter. He studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, from 1990 to 1994, followed by a Master in European Fine Art in Barcelona, where he continues to live and work. 

His work has been shown widely in Europe, with regular exhibitions in Barcelona, Paris and Oslo, London and Madrid. (find detailed C.V. below), and in recent years his work found resonance in fairs in the U.S. and Asia.

His origins are rooted in German expressionism although later the influences widened. British painters such as Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon or, to a lesser extent, Lucian Freud had a great impact on him, and  other creative fields soon became sources of inspiration, above all contemporary dance, but also cinema, theatre and literature. The fascination for foreign cultures has led to a wide range ethnical references in his work, as well as a series of travel sketchbooks that serve to ground his work in actual experience. Likewise he collaborates with dance companies, and since 2015 has embarked on a series of artistic residencies in the U.S., always looking for new inspiration for his paintings and drawings.

solo-shows (since 2000)

2023   "¡Baila Maiko-San!", House of Arts, Salzburg

           "Duets", Scottish Storytelling Centre, 

           as part of the Pomegranates Festival, 

           Edinburgh, Scotland

2022  "Es Mou", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "Still Walking", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

2020  "Against all odds", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

          "Le Pas Suspendu", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2019  "Recent Work", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

          "Teixits de Temps", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2018  "Un lieu nommé silence", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2017  "Noticias del laberinto", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "Camins desfets", La Destillería, Mataró, Spain

2016  "Être emú par une image", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

          "From afar", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

          "In Situ", Panther Coffee, Wynwood, Miami

2015  "Sense Fi", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2014  "Un autre jour, un autre lieu", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2013  "Una qüestió de temps", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2012  "Con lo humano", Galería Rayuela, Madrid

          "Le choix de l'humain", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

          "Llocs comuns", Galería 22, Igualada, Spain

2011  "Llum passatgera", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2010  "À l'œil nu", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2009  "A cuerpo limpio", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "En lugar del tiempo", Galería Rayuela, Madrid

2008  "Ce qui reste", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2007  "Sense dir res", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "Quant temps fa que son aquí?", Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, Barcelona

2006  "Huile et temps sur toile", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

          "Vor Ort (o el artista trabajando)", Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2005  "Al seu lloc", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2004  "Entre les mains et les yeux", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2003  "Vueltas sin ida", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "Face Value", Pringle International Art, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

2002  "Demarcaciones", Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

          "À perte de vu", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2001  "Reine Silencio", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

          "New work from Spain", Pringle International Art, Princeton, U.S.A.

2000  "Du lieu du temps", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

selected group shows and art fairs (since 2000)

2024   "Personal Structures - Beyond Boundaries", collective exhibition parallel to the 

           Venice Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice

2023   Osten Drawing Biennale, Skopje, North Macedonia

           "Noir et Couleur: Un Dialogue", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2022   "Personal Structures-Reflections", European Cultural Center, Palazzo Mora, Venice

           "Visages et Silhouettes" (with Lídia Masllorenç), Galerie Arcturus, Paris

           SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

           DelicArtessen, Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2021   "Dialegs" Galería EspaiG d'Art, Terrassa, Spain

            SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

2020   "Drawn to Carbon", curated by Elina Cerla, Graham Hunter Gallery, London

           "Un Gin Tonic, Por Favor", Kaplan Projects, Palma de Mallorca

           DelicArtessen, Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2019   SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

           "Architecture & Dance" (with Bea Sarries), Martin's Atelier, Brussels, Belgium

           "A Step in Time" (with Rik Freeman), Honfleur Gallery, Anacostia, Washington DC

           "Art is in the Air", House of Arts, Salzburg, Austria

           "Kunstkollektiv", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

           "20 Ans", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2018   SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

           North Art Fair, Aalborg, Galleri Ramfjord, Denmark

           AAF Stockholm, Galleri Ramfjord, Sweden

           Collectors' Choice, Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

           Ramfjord's Kunstkollektiv, Oslo

2017   DelicArtessen, Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2016  "We are Antonyms", Fabre i Coats, Barcelona

           SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

          "In situ", single piece intervention, Panther Coffee, Wynwood, Miami

2015   SCOPE New York, Gallerii Ramfjord

           SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

2014   AAF Singapur, Barnadas Huang Gallery, Singapur

 , ed.9, Berga, España

           SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

2013  "Tove Hirth/Gabriel Schmitz", Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

           Copenhagen Art Fair, Galleri Ramfjord

          "Un mirall buit", Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

           SCOPE Miami, Galleri Ramfjord

          "From Barcelona", Barnadas Huang Gallery, Singapur

 , ed.8, Berga, España

2012  "100x100", Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

           Stipendutstilling, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

2011   ART Madrid, Galería Rayuela

          "Panorama", Galería Rayuela, Madrid

2010   ART Madrid, Galería Rayuela, Madrid

2009  "Nouvelles fraîches", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

          "Panorama", Galería Rayuela, Madrid

          "Laberintos", Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2008   DelicArtessen, Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2007  "Silhouettes", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2006  "El viatje", Galería Barnadas, Barcelona

2005   St'Art 05, Strasbourgh Art Fair, France

2004   MiArt, Galería Barnadas, Milan, Italy 

          "Cinq année, cinq artistes", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

2003  "Extraños niños", Galería Tres Punts, Barcelona

2002  "Les papiers en tous ses états", Galerie Arcturus, Paris

           St'Art02, Strasbourgh Art Fair, France

2001  "Hora Zero", Galería Montoriol, Barcelona

2000  "Women through the millennium", Pringle International Art, Philadelphia


2024   Incontro, encounter of Dance & Drawing with Elena Giannotti in the Palazzo Mori

           Venice, as part of the exhibition Personal Structures-Beyond Boundaries, organized by

           the European Cultural Centre (June 6th)


2023   Artistic residence at the Pomegranates Festival, Edinburgh, including two 

           sessions of Dance & Drawing, one at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, 

           and one in the Goethe Institute Glasgow.

2022   Incontri, extended version, Livorno, Italy

           event with Elena Giannotti (dance), Ahmed Gronchi (music) and Gabriel Schmitz

           RAD (Racconti di Altre Danze) Festival, Livorno

           Ramfjordkunstkollektiv '22, artists´ residence, Oslo 

           Incontri nº I-V, encounters of Dance & Drawing, a series of live events

           with invited dancer Elena Giannotti, Maiko Nishino, Cristina Martí and 

           Megumi Eda (and musician Reiko Yamada), part of the exhibition 

           Personal Structures-Reflections, organized by the European Cultural Centre

           in Venice.

2021   Speaker at "Dialogues for Artists in a Changing World"

           (Movement & Pigment, 01/05/2021)

           Ramfjord Kunstkollektiv '21, artists´ residence, Oslo

2020   Collaboration with Altraste Dance Company for their piece "Mientras Llueva",

           opening on the 26/09 in Vitoria, Spain

           Cover illustration for "Poxpolin", CD by Sira Coel of traditional 

           Spanish and Basque children's songs

           Ramfjord Kunstkollektiv (redux), artists' residence, Oslo

           Publication of "Bach un fragmento" (artist's flip book), ed. Folio Club, 


2019   Ramfjord Kunstkollectiv, Part II, artists' residence, Oslo

           Publication of "Underwater Pub, Oslo April 2018 / 

           ArmitageGone!Dance Sept./Oct. 2018" sketchbook facsimile, ed. Folio Club,


2018   Fall residency, ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey

           Publication of "(I don't) Dance", artist's book, ed. Folio Club, Barcelona

           Ramfjord Kunstkollektiv, artists' residence, Oslo

2016   Fall residency, ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, Miami

2015   International residency, ESKFF at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey

2012   Publication of "Viaje a Japón", sketchbook in facsimile edition, ed. 

           The Private Space, Barcelona

2011   Collaboration with Compañía Pendiente, D'une page blanche, contemporary

           dance piece, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

2010   (ongoing) collaborating visual artist, Sudansa dance project, various schools and 

           Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

2007   "Quant temps fa que som aquí'", artistic residence at the Hospital Universitari de

            Bellvitge, Barcelona

2003   "Pasarela/Silencio", installation at the Centre de Creació L'Animal a l'esquena,


1998    Artwork for "Temporada d'Opera 98/99", annual program of the Liceu Opera House,